Winning the Tennis Game

Tennis is a very physical game and requires the player to have the appropriate level of physical fitness and the right mental state of mind. The very best tennis players when they meet in the finals at the ATP or the US Opens are usually evenly matched, the difference in the winning player is the mental attitude.

To help you develop a better serve, a better swing and a faster speed, these Tennis Affirmation – Winning the Tennis Game may give you the extra edge.



Tennis Affirmations – Winning the Tennis Game @playbettertennis

I am an excellent tennis player

I always play tennis well

I chase for every ball

My forehand is powerful &

My backhand is accurate

My serve is always ACE

I am focused on playing well

I enjoy playing tennis

I always GIVE 100 percent


As always, Focus on your physical abilities and tennis skillsets. Add these positive affirmations to your mental training, and you will become a well-rounded tennis player you deserve to be! Remember to practice these affirmations on a weekly basis!

Tennis Affirmation – Winning the Tennis Game @playbettertennis


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